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4% discount on all services

Adjusted visit time to Top Master

Extension and correction without waiting

Decomposition and removal of impurities - 50%

Free hair removal

16% gift voucher for a friend

Access to exclusive promotions

Turbo Extension (coming soon)



Free removal of extended hair

Save hair for any term

Individual discount on any Hamilton service

24% gift voucher for hair extensions for a friend

Possibility of hair correction on the same day

Hair Turbo Extension (coming soon)

Possibility of hair extensions

Recommendation = bonus system (coming soon)

Partner of Hamilton

How do I get the status?


Hamilton Loyalty Program

Status Club

Zagolovok 2


Register on the official website of the Hamilton Status Club

Zagolovok 2


Join our closed Facebook group

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As a member of the New Status Club, please rate us and write your opinion about us

Email or contact us for quick status activation
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