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4% discount on all services

Adjusted visit time to Top Master

Extension and correction without waiting

Decomposition and removal of impurities - 50%

Free hair removal

16% gift voucher for a friend

Access to exclusive promotions

Turbo Extension (coming soon)



16% discount on any Hamilton service

24% gift voucher for hair extensions for a friend

Possibility of hair correction on the same day

Free removal of extended hair

Access to exclusive closed promotions

Save hair for any term

Hair Turbo Extension (coming soon)

Possibility of hair extensions

Recommendation = bonus system (coming soon)

How do I get status?

Hamilton Loyalty Program

Status Club

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Register on the official website of the Hamilton Status Club

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Join our closed Facebook group

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As a member of the New Status Club, please rate us and write your opinion about us

Email or contact us for quick status activation
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