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Learn about hair extensions with a unique program developed in Hamilton

What does the course include?

Your trainer


Hamilton Top Master - Sonya

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What opportunities will you get after taking the course?

  • You will get an independent demand and high-paying profession.

  • You will be able to combine a new profession with an existing one and earn extra income.

  • You will be able to open your own hair extension studio.

  • You can become a member of the Hamilton team.

  • You can buy the Hamilton franchise and open your Hamilton in any city in the world.

What does the training program contain?

Select the amount of hair based on the user's hairstyle
Knowledge of the specifics of the original hairstyle
Theory, general information about hair extensions and capsules.
Capsule filling
  Standards (standard, micro, nano)
Keratin sampling standard
Recognize hair structure
Extensions of the hair cut on the forehead, the so-called braid
Work with the card

Extended hair removal

Hair preparation for extensions
Selection of hair of identical structure for the customer
According to hair length
  Determine the number of capsules
Proper mixing of hair colors
Fix the capsules correctly on the hair
Properly distribute the capsule on the hair according to the zones
Finish with an extended hairstyle

Get in the first group and get a 35% discount.

2700 instead of only
1755 GEL

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You can use TBC installment
hairextensionyoutubecover - Copy.png
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